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  • QThere is no obstacle at the front of Robot Lawn Mower, but it is moving slowly
    1. IR obstacle avoidance's send and receive ports are blocked.
    2. Lower battery, need to charge.
    3. Robot Lawn Mower is moving slowly along boundary line.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower cannot normal charge at charging station
    1. Robot Lawn Mower's or charging station's charging plug is dirty, please clean it.
    2. Put charging station improperly, so Robot Lawn Mower's charging plug and charging station's charging plug cannot touch.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower cannot go back to Charging Station properly
    1. NO signal of boundary line
    2. Charging station is not working properly, please check the charging station working condition.
    3. Charging station is boundary line is arranged improperly, please refer to manual book to learn how to arrange them properly.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower always move back cannot move forward
    1. Due to accident, front U baffle's rubber sleeve alway presses Crash Sensor, so plesae beat rubber sleeve softly, let Crash Sensor return to original shape.
    2. Due to many times impact, Crash Sensor is broken, so need to change a new one.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower goes out of boundary line
    1. Charging station suddenly cut off power, if this area is power failure or charging station plug is loosened.
    2. Please arrange Boundary line according to our requirement, every angle must be more than 90 degree.
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