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  • QRobot Lawn Mower suddenly stop working
    1. Low battary
    2. Due to accident, please check Error NO. on screen, and then refer to manual book.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower can not detect falling protection
    1. there is mud paste on universal wheels.
    2. Falling detecter is broken.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower short working time
    1. Glass is too thick.
    2. Battery is not fully charging.
    3. Use battery for a long time, so it reduces performance.
  • QRobot Lawn Mower always hit charging station
    We suggest you put obstacle at glass side of charging station, Robot Lawn Mower will detect obstacle and automatic steering.
  • QRobot Lawn Mover cannot detect rain
    1. There is something cover rain detector.
    2. No rain fall on rain detector.
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