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  • QMowing Disc is broken
    AThere are rocks, tree branches or other objects in the grass, plesae clean your lawn before using Robot Lawn Mower.
  • QMowing noise is loudly
    Due to long working time, mowing blade is loosen, please check it, and use screw to fasten it.
  • QCharging station power light is off
    A1. Power line poor contact.
    2. Adapter is broken.
    3. Charging station interior circuit is broken.
  • Q Charging station alway alarm
    Boundary line is cut off or poor contact.
  • QThere is no display on Robot Lawn Mower screen
    1. Screen connect cable is loosened.
    2. black translucence cover is not closed, so screen is always under strong sunshine, screen is broken.
    3. Interior circuit is broken.
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